Sunday, 15 December 2013


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Here we are with the second half of COR!! #1 from June 1970.  There's some lovely REG PARLETT and MIKE NOBLE art contained amongst the other gems, and you now have the complete first issue of this classic comic from the past to drool over. Where else can you find such goodies for absolutely nothing?  (Don't tell me - I can't stand the competition!)


baab said...

Kid Chameleon.I forgot about him.

This was a favourite of mine,obviously because he is a kid with powers.
About fifty per cent of the rest are lost to my memory.
Thanks for that.

Kid said...

'A kid with powers' - that's ME, that is. It's amazing how much of it is instantly forgettable - and equally amazing how much is derivative. Hire-A-Horror is the same as Rent-A-Ghost in Buster, Stone-Age Brit is the dame as Glugg in Wham! and Tricky Dicky is just another Roger the Dodger. I do like the Reg Parlett strips 'though - he was simply a superb cartoonist.

baab said...

His artwork is just full of life and really dynamic.
Little Geyser,I probably just accepted it when i was young and naive but what is that all about?
Oh thats right,the adventures of a little water spout.

I agree,It is amazing how forgettable some of them are.
There was a big push for COR! as well.
Did this appear in another comic as one of those pink paper promotional inserts?
(am I remembering this correctly?)
The gorilla logo was great.
I was six.
How do I remember this and I still have to ask what year it is?

Nice article.

Kid said...

Regarding the promotional insert, Baab, it very well may have done. I know there was one, I just can't remember what was on it. (I'll have to check through my back issues of Smash! one day and have a look - it's bound to be in one of them.) And, in case you hadn't twigged yet, it was 1970.

baab said...

I meant, I have to ask what year it is on a daily basis!

I have been thinking about the pink inserts,and the one I really remember was for a comic with the old 'paper banger' or 'cracker' as a free gift.
I don't know what comic it was in or the comic being promoted.

Were these inserts a common thing in the british comics?

Kid said...

The inserts were indeed common, Baab - as was the 'paper banger/cracker' free gift.

Dougie said...

I laways liked a "Thunderbang" or a kazoo or warbler.

Kid Chameleon is beautiful. I'd like to see some Whizzers from Ozz of Topper fame.

Kid said...

And so you shall, Dougie, before too long. (I hadn't forgotten - honest.)

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