Monday, 6 March 2017


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MARVEL TALES lasted an amazing 30 years, from #1
in 1964 to #291 in 1994.  Like MARVEL COLLECTORS'
ITEM CLASSICS, it reprinted some of the earliest tales of
the most popular heroes from 'The House Of Ideas'.

But, hey - you're not here to read me wittering on in my
typical long-winded fashion.  So why don't I just cut to the
chase and show you the covers of the first 12 issues?  You'd
like that?  Well, I have to confess I'm a tad disappointed you
never took any time to think over that proposition, but who
am I to argue with all you crazy cavortin' Criv-ites?

So here they are!  Any happy memories of any of them?
Then feel free to share them in the comments section.

First bought this issue in a market in Blackpool in 1973


TC said...

I must have had #5 and #11, because I remember Spider-Man vs. The Living Brain, Thor in "Prisoner of the Reds," and Spider-Man vs. Daredevil (as I recall, the Ringmaster had hypnotized Spidey).

I remembered this comic having Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and Thor reprints, but I'd forgotten that it also reprinted the Torch solo strip from Strange Tales.

Like Marvel's Greatest Comics and Marvel Super-Heroes, Marvel Tales later went down to the standard 32-page size, and there was only enough room for the Spider-Man reprints.

Kid said...

I loved the early '80s Marvel Tales, TC, because they reprinted the Lee/Ditko Spidey classics from the very beginning. I first read 'The Living Brain' in a British comic called 'Pow!' back in the '60s.

John Pitt said...

Again, like MCIC, I had a few of these and absolutely LOVED 'em for the same reasons as yourself. A couple of them also probably came from that selfsame '68 Skegness holiday. There was no telly in that caravan, but I had PLENTY of thick comic books to read!
Interestingly, the first two are catalogued as Marvel Tales ANNUAL in GCD, with "Marvel Tales" beginning at issue #3!

Kid said...

Yeah, GCD are considering the frequency of publication, JP, I'm only considering the first issue to the last. It's simpler that way.

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