Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Images copyright DC COMICS

After a popular run on MARVEL's FANTASTIC FOUR,
superstar artist and writer JOHN BYRNE jumped ship over to
DC COMICS to help reshape their post-CRISIS SUPERMAN
incarnation.  I seem to recall reading that Byrne had hoped to work
for both companies, but felt pushed into making a choice because
of something that JIM SHOOTER, Marvel's editor-in-chief, had
said or done.  (Unfortunately, I can no longer recall the precise
details off the top of my head and am too lazy to look it up.)

So for a while at least, The Byrnester helped steer the good
ship Superman, but it wasn't to last.  While it did 'though, readers
were treated to some superb covers (and interior art, but that's not
included) which we're about to look at in the first instalment of this
ace new series on Crivens.  So why not come along for the ride?
You're bound to enjoy it if you're a Superman or Byrne fan!

And if you have any particular reminiscences associated
with any of these covers, be sure to leave a comment.


John Pitt said...

My memories of when this came out are of total bewilderment. Firstly, I only ever came across one solitary issue of COIE, so I hadn't a clue what had gone on. Then I wondered why didn't they start this new comic as "The Adventures Of...." and continue with the numbering on Superman? Didn't / still don't see the sense in it!

Kid said...

I remember them explaining it at the time, JP, although I no longer recall what their reason was. However, I guess they just felt that the first issue of a comic simply called 'Superman' would be a bigger draw to collectors. Were they right? Who knows?!

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