Sunday, 16 March 2014


When THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL was relaunched
by PANINI in 2003, the first issue's indicia was numbered Volume 2,
Number 1.  This completely ignored the fact that there had already been
a second volume of MWOM, released back in 1983.  I immediately con-
tacted Panini and informed them of their error and a few issues later the
numbering was corrected.  (I subsequently also contacted one or two
internet sites who'd made the same mistake in their recounting of
the history of the title and advised them of the fact.)

The 'real' Volume 2 lasted seventeen issues then disappeared,
although the actual name survived as a banner headline on seven
of the first eight issues of the CAPTAIN BRITAIN monthly mag
launched in December of '84 (cover-dated January '85).  Readers had
to wait another eighteen years for the return of the premier 'official'
U.K. Marvel periodical, first launched back on the last day of
September 1972 (cover-dated October).

Here then, are the first nine covers of the Marvel mag that time
and Panini forgot.  (Until I reminded them, that is.)  Don't forget
to come back for the remaining eight if you want a full set.


Colin Jones said...

I've bought a few of those Panini MWOMs and I noticed the "Volume 3" which informed me that there had been a Volume 2 which I had been totally unaware of so thanks for your bit of public service there,Kid. It's funny to think that Volume 3 has now lasted far longer than Volume 1 and without all the messy mergers - in fact these Panini Marvels seem to sail on harmoniously month after month without any of the problems of their '70s predecessors. However I only seem to see them on sale in WH Smith's and my local branch has now closed - it was only a ten minute walk from my house but now the nearest WH Smith's is about ten miles away so it'll be much rarer that I buy a Panini Marvel comic from now on :(

Kid said...

Actually, Col, MWOM is now at Volume 4 after a relaunch 59 issues ago. (I think Vol 3 got to #86 in 2009, and the first ish of Vol 4 popped up the following month.)

John Pitt said...

I loved these mags despite the dodgy colour at first. Card covers, first time in the UK mini series . I had them all , so thanks for giving me the covers back!

Kid said...

The interior colour was terrible in the first few issues, JP - and by the time they'd sorted it out, the full colour pages had been reduced and spot colour pages added (if I recall correctly). Still, it was good to see the name MWOM back.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I forgot this was Vol 2 as well good catch - I really enjoyed those issues - I never really understood where MWOM (as a distinctive comic) started and finished was the title continuous through the original weekly MWOM, then Marvel Comic, then Marvel Superheroes (monthly) then the monthly MWOM or were non of these connected 9I bought them all at the time thinking they were in fact the same comic)?

Kid said...

If I understand things correctly, McScotty (and there's no guarantee that I do), MWOM became Marvel Comic, which in turn became Marvel Super-Heroes, which ended with #397 in 1983. Not long after, Vol 2 of MWOM (the monthly one) was launched, which lasted 17 issues. So, essentially, just as you thought.

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