Thursday, 20 March 2014


Odhams office boy Steve Moore in Fantastic #50

Sad to learn that STEVE MOORE has died.  Readers of the ODHAMS' POWER COMICS will remember his name from their pages, as well as work he did for companies such as IPCMARVEL and various others over the years.

When part of our past dies, a little piece of us dies along with it.  Rest in peace, Steve. You will be remembered.

Further info about Steve and his career can be found here.

1949 - 2014


Unknown said...

Very sad indeed Kid and so young (relativley speaking) at only 64 to pass away - The great Pedro Henry will be missed.

Kid said...

Y'know, McScotty, when I look at that photo from Fantastic #50, I remember seeing it at the time and it doesn't seem all that long ago. To think that the boy in the picture is no longer with us is a very sobering thought indeed.

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