Wednesday, 19 March 2014


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Would you believe it?!  It's been almost a year since I posted
the first part of this two-piece power-packed pictorial presentation of
MISTER MIRACLE covers.  Therefore, I'd better not hold you back
any longer from the remaining nine cover images of JACK KIRBY's
SUPER ESCAPE ARTIST's eighteen issue run.  Enjoy!

And, as a bonus, here's the cover to the 1987 MISTER MIRACLE


Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about this character due to my almost zero knowledge of DC but I always loved Jack Kirby's art. I know his mid-70s work gets criticised for looking unrealistic blah blah but I loved the way he gave everything a shiny, futuristic sci-fi look. Actually the more realistic super-hero art looks the less I like it - I don't like that "photo-realism" style of Alex Ross at all.

Kid said...

Don't like Alex Ross? (Gasps and falls over.)

Unknown said...

I was about 11 years old when Mr Miracle was published and just recall thinking it was just so strange for a superhero comic - I have since come to like the character a lot although I much preferred Englehart and Marshall Rodgers short lived version in the late 70s. I felt a lot of Kirbys 70s DC output (not counting -imho- the great Kamandi series and to a lesser degree the "fun" the Demon comic) were pretty dated at the time but now looking back , although some of the stories were a bit "stiff" the premise of some of them was pretty cool (ie OMAC etc) - Wow not heard of many folk that don't like Alex Ross' art Colin , saying that as wonderful an artist as I think he is, I prefer "line" type art

Kid said...

I think they reached a compromise on art styles on a Justice League comic, McScotty. Alex Ross art, but inked by someone else so that it was a combination of painted and line art. It was something along those lines anyway, if I recall correctly.

baab said...

Not much I can add.
When these or Omac or Kamandi were in a fellow comic readers 'swap' pile I would be filled with joy.

I have the Steve Rude edition and he really captures the Kirby essence without copying it.

As for Alex Ross,I admire his work but sometimes it does lack a certain pizzazz.

Kid said...

Alex Ross is an American equivalent of Frank Hampson in some ways, in that he photographs models and then draws from them. Seems like a slow process to me.

baab said...

I listen to Smodcast with Kevin Smith and they had a great three part interview with Neal Adams in which he advised any budding artist to trace and use photographs,anything to get the pages done.

He reveals that the great American artist Norman Rockwell became the legend when he bought a camera.

I am going to take my own photographs based on my thumbnails for the next wee project I am doing.

The podcasts are free and Kevin Smith is a great host.

There are 60 so far including a few with Grant Morrison,Denny O'Neil, Jeph Loeb and of course Stan Lee.

Kid said...

Thanks for that, Baab. I'll be sure to check it out (as will others, no doubt).

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