Thursday, 6 March 2014


All you have to do is answer this question:  On whom did LEO

First correct answer wins.

Here are the rules.

U.K. entrants only.

No professional comic contributors.

No one under 18, although parents can
enter on their children's behalf.

Use comments section to submit your answer.  When winner
is announced, send details of where you'd like prize to be sent.
(Details will NOT be made public, passed on, used for any other
purpose, and will be deleted from my computer once prize is
despatched.)  P.O. Boxes are acceptable.


Looks more like a case of IF winners are announced.  Don't
people like competitions or, as Tongalad has suggested, is the
question too hard?  (And he guessed right at his second attempt.)
Surely Baxendale fans must know the answer?!



The correct answer is that Danny was based on illustrator


tongalad said...

ask an easier question why don't you?

TwoHeadedBoy said...

All I know is he was inspired for the whole thing by looking at the school outside the office window, so I'll take a wild guess...

The inspiration for Danny came from... The Yellow Kid???

Kid said...

Nope. Actually, THB, a friend who lives in the same town as me has guessed the correct answer, but I'm disallowing it in case people think it's a fix. I also seem to recall mentioning it to him not too long ago, and 'though he wouldn't cheat, it may have lodged in his subconscious without him realizing it. (I'll give him a facsimile anyway.)

Arfon Jones said...

I’m probably wrong but, wasn't it Dundee High School? High School of Dundee???

Arfon Jones said...

Me again, that last post was all wrong wasn't it? I should have just excepted that I didn't know and left it at that! What I TRIED to say was, “ I’m probably wrong but, wasn't the school Dundee High School? High School of Dundee?

Kid said...

I've long-forgotten, Arfon, but wasn't it a primary school? A High School sounds like it's for older pupils. You could well be right, but it's not the answer I'M looking for.

Arfon Jones said...

That’s what I thought, and that aside “High School” always sounds American to me, Yet it’s a titbit of information that bubbled up to the surface when a question about the Bash Street Kids was asked... wanted it confirmed, without googling it! (Since Googled it and Wiki page said, “inspired by the view from the D. C. Thomson & Co. office windows, overlooking the playground at the High School of Dundee”) Not the answer desired but, but who knows it may compliment the correct answer!

Kid said...

This competition officially ends when the next post appears. Surely someone knows the answer?

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Just stabbing at young fictional folk now - Just William? Jim Hawkins? David Balfour?

Kid said...

You're 15 minutes too late, THB. I closed the competition and gave the answer at least quarter of an hour before you submitted your comment. You couldn't have been paying attention. Tsk, tsk.

joe ackerman said...

don't know who the individual character of Danny was based on, but wasn't the inspiration for the Bash Street Kids a cartoon by Giles?

Kid said...

Joe, the 'official' inspiration is the one mentioned by Arfon (Beano offices overlooking a school), but a Giles' cartoon may also have played a part. There was probably more than just one influence.

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