Friday, 28 March 2014


The first thing I remember ever drawing was a teddy bear.  It
was a photo of a 'special offer' teddy on the back of a packet of
KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES, back in 1964.  I carefully cut out
the teddy and smuggled him into school one day in my satchel.  I was
fifteen at the time - - and, yes, you're right, I'm pulling your leg
about my age.  Just checking to see if you're paying attention.

Actually, I was only five, which some people may consider as
still too old to be interested in teddies, but this was fifty years ago
remember, when kids were kids and not the chain-smoking, binge-
drinking, coke-snorting, sex-obsessed little hooligans they seem to be
today.  Anyway, using the cardboard cut-out as a stencil, I drew around
it and recorded the outline on a sheet of paper.  Then it occurred to me
that it would be a simple enough task to supply the details within
the outline, which was composed mainly of circles.

I then realised that the head, ears, body, arms and legs, like-
wise consisted of circles, and that I could easily draw them without
recourse to the 'stencil'.  Voila!  I drew Ted quite a few times before
graduating to other subjects.  After all, drawing something seemed to
 be a simple matter of copying shapes in front of you onto a piece
of paper, which I found to be an easy enough thing to do.

So, whaddya know!  Next thing I knew, I had developed a
reputation for being a 'good drawer'.  Incidentally, the ted at the
top of this post is a stand-in.  The original's arms didn't extend
quite so far from his body.  Still, cute little fella, eh?


Anonymous said...

Such a charming,unbiased view of today's youth there, Kid lol. I wouldn't like to have the horrible exam pressure they have now, it was bad enough when I was a teenager but it's far worse now. As for being too old for teddies - don't all these posh public school-boys have their teddies with them even when they're adults? Gyles Brandreth has a whole collection of them and David Cameron probably consults his on government policy.

Kid said...

'Charming and unbiased'...that's me to a 't', CJ. Actually, I'd disagree with you about it being far worse for teenagers now than in our day. Exams have been dumbed down in order for schools to get higher pass marks - and kids today get far more pocketmoney than I ever got, even allowing for inflation. The only thing we had better was the selection of weekly comics to choose from.