Sunday, 30 March 2014


It was quite muggy today, but, undeterred, myself and one of my pals, the intrepid Moonmando, journeyed into Glasgow's well-to-do West End to have a leisurely look around Kelvingrove Art Gallery.  So, for a nice change of pace, instead of boring you with my usual woeful waffle, I thought I'd bore you with my insipid images instead.  Considerate to a fault, that's me!

(And count yourselves lucky - I took nearly twice as many photos as you see here.)

Here's Yogi, sans hat, collar & tie

It would be possible to step over the balcony and onto the wing of the
spitfire, but I wouldn't advise it.  (And the gallery wouldn't allow it)

This reminds me of Steve Ditko's art for some reason

The fourth oldest University in the English-speaking world

Student's Union Bar

Saint Silas' Episcopal Church in the West End

This tenement was burnt-out a few years back
and was left a hollow shell with no floors from top
to bottom.  I used to sneak into the basement while
it was lying empty and just gaze, amazed, at its
cavernous emptiness 

Hopefully these items will be replaced in Kelvingrove Park
at some point in the future

One of the entrances to the back of Park Circus

A back lane in Park Circus

Park Circus - elegant Georgian townhouses.  Looks
like the A-Team are visiting

This building, No. 8, is now private apartments, but was formerly
a Bed & Beakfast called Kelvin Lodge.  Myself and a young lady once
stayed the night in Room 21 on the middle floor, to the left of the
window above the door

Lost - one white cat.  Return to Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Kelvingrove Park


moonmando said...

So much for my expensive camera.Your snaps for the most,came out better than mine! Hmm,i feel a Mr Toad moment coming on.Gonna sell the damn thing and buy meself a motorbike.Poop,Poop,Tally Ho!!

Unknown said...

I thought that as well about the "heads" very reminiscent of so of Ditkos covers where he does lots of head shots (had to re type that twice!!!) I think there's a recent book on Ditkos art where the cover that look very like that art instillation. I've not been to Kelvingrove in a long time so might pop in next weekend for a look around.

Kid said...

And mine was on 'idiot-proof' setting; can you imagine the results if I were up to operating it in manual mode? Really enjoyed the day, Moony.


Actually, McScotty, that very book (The World of Steve Ditko by Blake Bell) sits on my bookshelf behind me as I type. I just looked at the cover after reading your comment and you're spot on! As for Kelvingrove, it makes for an interesting day out.

Anonymous said...

My father grew up in Glasgow (but was born in Edinburgh) and he often used to say that he probably wouldn't recognise Glasgow if he saw it again but plenty would still have been the same I'm sure! Pity there were no photos of you and Moonmando, Kid !

Kid said...

No fear! Neither of us were going to risk damaging our cameras. Besides, you can see what we both look like from our avatars on this page.

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