Tuesday, 25 March 2014


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Well, I could write a great long screed here, which would doubtless have you enthralled and hanging on every word, such is my majestic mastery of the English language.  However, I know you don't visit this blog to read what I have to say, regardless of how witty and entertaining I happen to be.  So, I won't detain you any longer from enjoying JOHN BYRNE's dramatic and dynamic delineations of MARVEL's first and favourite family, The FANTASTIC FOUR.  Be warned though - you may have to endure a few self-indulgent footnotes along the way. 

I got this issue from a Glasgow newsagent's at the far end of a street
that led to the Barras.  I was doing a signwriting job that day and the
fella I was with was shocked to see I had bought a comic.  Perhaps
he thought it was a comic for girls because of Sue on the cover

This was another one I remember reading in the Blue Lagoon while
devouring a Fish & Chips tea.  In fact, the previous issue  may also
have enjoyed that distinction

This is another comic I got by mail order from Dave Hern's Wonderworld
Comics in Bournemouth.  I'm not 100% sure, but I may have got the
previous issue at the same time


cerebus660 said...

Some beautiful Byrne artwork there! His take on FF ( actually his second run on the comic )was one of my favourite periods in the mag's history. Nice to see Terry Austin's inks on #250's cover, giving it that "X-Men" look.
It's funny you should mention buying some of these comics from Wonderworld. I used to deal with Dave Hearn too and had quite a few mail-order subscriptions from him over the years. Back in the day there was really nothing like receiving a parcel of shiny new comics through the post! Ah, the simple pleasures of life...

Kid said...

His 'first' run is included in the first Omnibus volume, Cerebus, but he was only the artist on those tales (apart from a couple of issues), and it was a short run at that.

It was a friend I used to work with who recommended Wonderworld to me, and I got quite a few comics from him which I still have. Yeah, it was always great receiving one of those parcels.

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