Thursday, 13 March 2014


Images copyright DC COMICS

I don't think I've enjoyed a modern DC comicbook for a
number of years now.  Mainly due, I suppose, to the fact that the
characters no longer seem to be the ones I grew up reading.  How-
ever, one thing I do enjoy is when DC issues replica Annuals and
Giants, as well as Annuals and Giants that never were, but
should have been.

Here, then, is the first part of a cover gallery featuring
some of those very comicbooks that DC does so well.  I just
wish they'd do more of them.  What say the rest of you?


John Pitt said...

If I had seen these covers I would have bought them!

Kid said...

I did and I did. (See them and buy them I mean.) Nice, aren't they?

baab said...

When I first went on e-bay I watched issue after issue of the 100 page spectacular go for silly prices.
I bought a couple but they were well worn.

These were always my buying choice when I was a lad.
The extra content was sometimes not so good but mostly it was brilliant.

Kid said...

The 80 Page Giants and 100 Page Spectaculars were great ways for readers to see stuff from before they were born, too. Nowadays you have to fork out a fortune on hardcover volumes to see such stuff.

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