Saturday, 8 March 2014


Oh, looky-look-see - six more captivating covers in our SMASH!
cover gallery series.  We start with one of those Mounties who always
gets their man (well, it is the 21st century) and end with one of those
aggressive Scotsmen of whom a certain blogger is so fond of warning
us against.  (You'd be aggressive too, if you lived in a cold climate
and only had an itchy 'skirt' to wear.)

Another six covers next time, readers!  Don't miss out!


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Nice ones, not seen these before - err are Frogmen really "famous Warriors" I wonder what the later issues showed as warriors if they used this so early on in the series. The Highlanders illo is pretty funny although to be honest in reality I've seen more menacing Scots on a Saturday night in Sauchiehall street and I see they used the famous Scottish flag with the Thistle on it, maybe the artist could draw Lions!! Would love to have these comics again

Kid said...

At least you can 'have' the covers again, McScotty, through the auspices of this humble blog. You could always print them out and decorate the interior of your garden shed with them.

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