Friday, 7 March 2014


In answer to a request, here's the WHIZZER & CHIPS Mini
Comic Sampler from the 22nd July, 1978 cover-dated issue of
BUSTER.  I used PRITT to stick the comic together rather than
staples, so, because of the vagaries of printing, pages 2 & 3 are
a little close together.


George Shiers said...

Excellent! Good to see!

And it turns out to be from the 22nd July 1978 issue of Buster. Quite a number of sample comics were given away during that month - four or five a week in the various comics I believe.

Kid said...

That sounds right - I used to have 5 of these mini samplers, only got 3 now. 1978, eh? Only seems like a few years ago at most.

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