Tuesday, 18 March 2014


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Poor ol' BRIAN BRADDOCK!  Two attempts at a titled-mag
devoted to his alter-ego CAPTAIN BRITAIN, and both of them fail.
No wonder he got fed up and went and joined EXCALIBUR;  that way,
he wouldn't shoulder all the blame if that mag failed too.  The first volume
lasted ten years, but the downside is that Cap couldn't claim all the credit
for its success, having to share it with former X-MEN members and
various other mutants.  No luck, eh, Cap?!

Anyway, here are the remaining seven covers of Cap's 1985
fourteen issue run.  'Twas a good little mag and should've survived
for much longer.  I wonder what he's doing these days?


John Pitt said...

Following revisiting 3 old ORIGINAL CB posts, it has really got me interested l in his first incarnation. Could you recommend any books of reprints as I doubt they have been essentialized or master worked?

Kid said...

On the contrary, JP, there has been at least one Marvel Omnibus volume of original Captain Britain tales, preceded by a 5 volume softcover series by Panini/Marvel, which featured every Cap story from CB weekly #1, through Marvel Super-Heroes, The Daredevils and MWOM, right up to CB monthly #14. Also included are the Black Knight stories from Hulk Comic weekly, wherein CB made his return.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, do you remember an incident from about No.16 of the Captain Britain weekly where the colour pages were printed in the wrong order and the following week there was an apology and the pages were re-printed in the right order (or something like that - my memory is rather hazy about it all).

Kid said...

I forget the issue number (my collection of CBs is buried in a cupboard), but I remember that well. At the time, I think I mixed the new pages with the old so that there was no reference to them being out of order and the mag in question looked as if it had been printed correctly. Then I realised that the issue which had contained the proper-order pages wasn't complete and put them both back together the way they were.

John Pitt said...

Thanks for that info, Kidda, going to look for the panini soft covers, which I HOPE haven't been chopped, like the reprints in the 1980 summer special!

Kid said...

Nope, JP, the Panini reprints are complete and unabridged. If it's only the original Cap you're interested in, the first couple of volumes should do you.

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