Tuesday, 2 May 2017


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I've had this book for almost a week now, so I've been
remiss in not posting about it before now.  The AVENGERS
EPIC COLLECTION Volume 3 is - well, epic.  Just take a
look at the goodies contained therein on the back cover below
and pop in pronto to your nearest FORBIDDEN PLANET
store and purchase a copy for yourself.  It's MARVEL's
Avengers at their mightiest, so don't miss out!


Britt Reid said...

Interesting the reprint TPB cover keeps the incorrect blue-yellow coloring for Goliath! (He should be the red-and-blue of the new costume he's wearing inside the book!)

Dougie said...

That Masters of Evil Buscema issue was one of my favourites when I was a wee boy. I always thought teams of villains made a comic something special.

Kid said...

Perhaps it was just to retain the spirit of the original cover, BR, or the colourist had the original for reference, but didn't check the interiors.


I've re-read the first story, Dougie, and am looking forward to refreshing my memory of the other issues.

Britt Reid said...

The splash page references the fact the cover has Goliath colored incorrectly.
Roy Thomas (who wrote the story) explains in the intro to Avengers Masterworks #6 (which reprints the tale) explains it's a case of "the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing".
Considering covers (on slick stock) were printed in batches seperate from the newsprint interiors (and often earlier than the insides) it's likely the colorist hadn't seen Goliath's new color scheme at that time he/she did the job.
As a continuity fan, though, it's irritating that the error's never been corrected on any of the reprints.
But, that's just my personal peeve.

Kid said...

It's years since I read the story, BR, (even 'though I have Avengers Masterworks #6 and have therefore read Thomas's intro), but I was speculating as to why the Epic book cover has the original incorrect colouring. When the Masterworks volumes first appeared, they didn't adhere to the original colouring anyway, but regardless, Goliath's colouring would've continued to be coloured incorrectly - otherwise the note on the splash page would've been redundant and confused new readers, requiring another explanation in itself. For the last few years, the Masterworks have become more archival in nature, with original mistakes being left uncorrected (and being restored in some cases where they had previously been corrected), so that's the reason why the colouring remains as it was in the Epic interiors. If ever it were to be corrected, they'd either have to remove Roy's note in the splash, or add another to explain why it no longer applied.

Phil S said...

This is the good stuff! If you aren't excited by these comics you better get a new hobby.

Kid said...

Truer words were never spoken, PS. Classics.

Paul McScotty Muir said...

I'm definitely getting this one - that cover is one of my favourites (although I prefer the original version - think this has been re coloured) - I had a quick look at it last week when I was in town and liked the 2 funnies it had with some lovely John Buscema and Gene Colan cartooning.

Kid said...

The cover HAS been recoloured, PM, as it has to be anyway when the art is used in a new variant of the original, but they've kept (as BR was saying above) Goliath's blue costume from the comic's cover, even 'though it should've been red. Have you read your Dr. Strange Omnibus yet? What did you think?

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