Friday, 12 May 2017


DOCTOR WHO copyright BBC TV.  DALEKS copyright

It's been around five and a half years since volume two
of VWORP VWORP! came out, so was the latest issue worth
the wait?  A resounding YES!!!  If you're a DOCTOR WHO or
DALEKS fan, this professionally produced fanzine will ring your
bell to SKARO and back.  It's almost a crime to refer to it as a
fanzine as there's nothing amateurish about it.

There are three covers, one a 'homage' to TV CENTURY
21, and it comes with a vinyl record very much in the mould of
the CENTURY 21 Mini-Albums that were available in the '60s.
Or you can have it on CD if you get either of the other two cover
variants.  There's no point me wittering on about the contents, as
you can see what's inside from the accompanying images,
reproduced by kind permission of the publishers.

It's full of interesting and informative articles and inter-
views, and worth twice its £9.99 price for the seven page full-
colour DALEKS strip alone, drawn by RON TURNER and LEE
SULLIVAN.  There are other comic strips as well, and I believe I
can confidently state there's nothing about this excellent 210 page
publication that will disappoint.  It's not actually a magazine,
more of a book - you'll love it.  Buy one now!

You can get your copy of VWORP VWORP! here.
Should also be on sale in your nearest comicbook store,
so you're spoilt for choice now, aren't you?

The vinyl record cover

A lucky randomised few may get this cover as well

The CD cover

Nice to see the real Doctor again


John Pitt said...

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED INDEED! - It is absolutely Bloody BRILLIANT! - as Kid says a THICK book for only a tenner! I bought the TV21 variant, but may just get the other two as well!

Kid said...

There you are, readers - a genuine, honest, unbiased, unsolicited testimonial from JP. How can you resist?

John Smith said...

Hi Kid

This is not really a comment (so you really don't have to publish it), more of an email but - I don't have an email address..!

I've been hanging around your blogs for a while, meaning to introduce myself but never quite got round to it. Every now and then you'd post something that made me think "I have to comment on this..!" but, because I hadn't introduced myself, I never did. I did actually write a long-ish intro on my phone but then I lost it so... I'll try again soon.

In the meantime, and because it's just happened, I wondered if you'd heard about the death of Geoffrey Bayldon a couple of days ago. Maybe not strictly comics related, but he was an essential part of my childhood in 1970-71 as Catweazle and, of course, he did turn down Dr. Who! The 'real Doctor' in this post reminded me of him and it's strange to think how things might have been..

I'm sad I never got to meet him. I knew he used to attend the annual Catweazle fan gatherings, even into his 80's, but my life has been such a mess I only got around to joining the fanclub last Sept.

Anyway I was genuinely saddened at the news and have just chain-watched the entire first series. I miss the 70's..

I'll be in touch.



Kid said...

I hope you won't mind me publishing your comment, but it was so interesting and it also touched on an idea for a post I'd been meaning to to for some time now. (Geoffrey's recent death put me in mind of it again.) Sometimes an actor becomes so associated with the role that we can't think of another who'd have done as good a job at the time. However, as much a fan of William Hartnell's Doctor as I am, I can easily imagine Geoffrey Bayldon portraying the same character if he'd accepted the role of Dr. Who when it was first offered to him. He's just so Hartnell-ish. In some ways (heresy coming up) I almost wish he had, because I find it slightly annoying (watching old episodes today) whenever WH forgets his lines, although that was down to illness and couldn't be helped. I can't think of another actor in another role where that would work, but Geoffrey Bayldon as the Doctor (played the same way as Hartnell's) would have been just as good I think. However, GB had no regrets about turning down the role (twice) because, as he said, if he hadn't, he wouldn't have got Catweazle. Feel free to comment any time.

John Pitt said...

Welcome to the friendliest blog in blogdom, JS and there is certainly no need to be shy on here, so just "get stuck in"!
I saw it on the front page today and I personally see him as "Who-ish" for two different reasons. Firstly, in the seventies, I always got his Catweazle mixed up with Jon Pertwee's Worzel Gummidge and, for the second reason, see my response to Kid's reply to you, as it will interest the both of you!

John Pitt said...

Kid, this is very interesting, because Colin Brockhurst ( of Vworp, Vworp! fame ) has actually made some mock-ups of GB as DW ( as well as other actors! ) Stay tuned and I'll find you a link....

Kid said...

Yes, I'd love to see it, JP. Funnily enough, I just got an email from Colin earlier this evening and then you go and mention him. It's a small world, eh?

John Pitt said...
Interestingly, that "Masters Of Luxor"/DW& The Robots WAS going to be the second story after "An Unearthly Child", but they changed their minds and went for "The Daleks" (THANK GOODNESS!!)
Anyway, the story can be heard on a "Big Finish" CD!

John Smith said...

Thanks Kid - I will.

I know what you mean - GB and WH could easily have been interchanged. Personally though, I never really got into Dr. Who until Jon Pertwee and I'm afraid I lost interest sometime during Tom Baker. I watched an episode some years ago (can't remember which one) but it was so WEIRD I never really gave it another chance.

Thanks JP - a quick google of Colin Brockhurst turned up the very website. Loved the 60's RT cover of GB!


Kid said...

I took a look, JP, then realised I'd seen it before, but thanks for reminding me of it. I'd read that they did The Daleks story because the one they'd planned to use wasn't ready as the writer was late with it (or a something resembling that). I'll have to track down the two Big Finish CDs where GB played the Doctor - that'll be interesting.


My main interest in Dr. Who was The Daleks, JS, and I thought they were never really used as effectively as in their first episodes. There was something about the claustrophobic confines of the corridors of The Daleks' city on Skaro that gave them an even greater air of menace. Once they were out and about in the world at large where people could run away from them, they weren't quite so effective in the scaremongering department. Also, they began to look a little grubby in later episodes, and I've always thought that the wire fence around their top band was a mistake. I preferred their original look. What I'm saying in my long-winded way is that my interest in the programme waned when The Daleks weren't involved, 'though I still watched the show from time-to-time.

John Pitt said...
There is a trailor for the Big Finish CD on this page, plus unofficial adaptations of the episodes, if anyone is curious!

Kid said...

No it's not, it's a trailer! Can you find me one for Geoffrey's Big Finish CDs, JP.

John Pitt said...
I was still talking about the unreleased Masters Of Luxor. Here's what I can find on Auld Mortality....

John Pitt said...
....and all I can find is a review of A Storm Of Angels!

Kid said...

Ta, JP, got to hear GB speaking as the Doctor, which is what I wanted. These reviews by geeky fans are toe-curling 'though.

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