Friday, 26 May 2017


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

Classic because it's the first appearance of WOLVERINE
on a cover.  Who'd have guessed the diminutive mutant would
go on to become such a huge star in the MARVEL firmament?
And would HUGH JACKMAN have made such an impact in the
X-MEN movies if he'd had to wear that garish looking costume
seen above.  Given that Hugh is around a foot taller than the
character he plays, I'm surprised Marvel haven't found an
excuse to change Wolverine's height in the comics.


Paul McScotty Muir said...

I used to have this comic and "lost" it in my collection sometime ago - probably gave it away or it got crushed etc. Worth a wee fortune as well. I was surprised Wolverine became such a hit as he always struck me as being an average character at first.

Kid said...

Yeah, he was nothing special. It's amazing what sticks and what doesn't, eh?

John Pitt said...

I can see the attration of Wolvie and I do like him myself, but I could never understand why he was regarded as most people's favourite X-Man. Yeah, he is good, but what about Cyclops?!
And I wasn't happy with the way Cyke was portrayed in that first X-Men film!

Kid said...

Yeah, but you probably like the character as he later became, JP. His potential wasn't all that obvious at the beginning. I quite liked the X-Men films, but it's just a pity they couldn't stick closer to the comic's continuity.

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