Sunday, 14 May 2017


The event I'm now about to relate probably
happened around 25-odd years ago.  I came home
one evening to find one of a pair of ornaments miss-
ing from its accustomed place.  When I asked where
it was, my mother said she'd accidentally broken
it and it was now in the bin out the back.

I looked in the bin and, wrapped up in a news-
paper, were the pieces of the broken ornament.  I
took them back inside and set about reuniting them.
I'm quite handy at that sort of thing, and before too
long, it was looking much like its old self again, and
happily resumed its place alongside its pal.

You can see one ornament on the windowsill,
with the edge of the other just in sight

My earliest memory of these two items is
from 1972, and only because they appear in the
above photograph, which has the date on the back.
We'd only lived in our (then) new house for around
a month, but it's a certainty that we had them in our
previous house, and very probably our previous two
houses before that.  I'm therefore immensely sur-
prised that I don't consciously remember ever
having seen them before mid-1972.

The ornament below I do remember seeing
in previous houses, right back to our first one in
our new town.  It was likewise one of a pair, but its
partner was broken when my brother knocked it off
 the mantlepiece when he stumbled against it (after a
wee shove from me) in the late '60s or start of the
'70s.  Sadly, it was beyond my ability to repair
and there was no way to salvage it.

However, in the late '80s, when my mother
broke the lone survivor, I rose to the challenge
and restored it, gluing all the pieces together again
and repainting the finished item.  One day I hope to
find a replacement partner for it in a charity shop or
jumble sale and have a pair of them again.  (In my
sentimental madness I sometimes wonder if it
ever pines for its missing companion.)

Anyway, I freely confess that I wrote this
post more for my benefit than yours, but maybe
you can relate to it in some way.  So do you have a
long-cherished ornament you'd never part with, or
is there one you recall from your childhood that
you'd dearly like to own again?  If so, tell us all
    about it in the comments section.

Here's how the pair would've looked.  I remember them
as being mirror opposites, but I could be mistaken


baab said...

Are these the original colours,Kid?

Kid said...

On the Japanese-style ornament? Yes, black and gold. The rabbit ones are untouched, apart from where one has been repaired.

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