Wednesday, 31 May 2017


One of the criticisms made about JAMES BOND
is that he's a cr*p secret agent because he can walk into
any bar in the world and the barman will say "Hello, Mr.
Bond - vodka martini, shaken, not stirred - coming right
up!"  Someone so well-known could never be an effective
secret agent runs the cry, so 007 is obviously rubbish at
being one.  However, those who say this haven't really
thought things through.  Here's why.

James Bond's cover story is that he's a sales rep for
CONSORTIUM in the novels) and it's therefore perfectly
legitimate that, in that role, he'd regularly travel the world
and be known in various hotels and bars in different coun-
tries.  So next time you hear someone say Bond is a lousy
secret agent because he's too well-known, point out to
them that they're talking through their @rse.


Phil S said...

You can absolutely be well known and be a spy.

Kid said...

That was interesting - ta much, PS.

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