Wednesday, 17 May 2017


A completely unrelated pic to the topic, drawn by me in 1983/'84

Back near the time The DANDY was about to
breathe its last, someone facetiously asked me why,
as I could "draw a bit", I didn't self-publish something
and show everyone how it was done.  Put-up or shut-up
basically.  Self-publishing has never really interested me,
simply because I don't feel I need to prove anything, nor
am I filled with an all-consuming desire to see my name
in print.  (Never say never though.)  Also, it's un-
likely to make me (or anyone) rich.

Self-publishing exists either because there aren't
enough comics around for creators' work to appear in
- or because nobody else will publish it.  (Or perhaps it's
merely a hobby or a vanity project.)  Some folk claim to
self-publish because it gives them more creative control
over their characters, though in the case of reprinting
old strips, just how much control is that?  It sounds to
me like mere rationalisation - or 'faulty reasoning'
as certain individuals like to call it.

Nah, folk are more likely to self-publish out of
vanity, or to try and make more money, or because
not enough of their time is spent earning a living from
mainstream pursuits.  (Not that they're all mutually-ex-
clusive.)  Whatever their reasons, it doesn't bother me
in the slightest, but they really shouldn't insult our in-
telligence by offering up their efforts as evidence
of a thriving comics industry.  It just isn't.


And to the lickspittle aiming kicks in my direc-
tion, did it never occur to you that your hero might
be behind schedule in his self-publishing ventures not
because of 'all' his mainstream work as you assert, but
because he's at weekend events instead of getting on
with it - or for any one of a dozen other reasons?!
Your assumptions 'prove' nothing - as usual.

  (Thanks to those who put me 'in the know'.)  

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