Tuesday, 23 May 2017


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It was in 1981 that I bought this comic in Southsea or
Portsmouth.  The story connected to a tale I'd first read
in CAPTAIN AMERICA King-Size Special #1 in 1972
or '73, and though only 8 or 9 years had passed since then,
it seemed far longer for some strange, inexplicable reason.
(Ah, the mysteries of time, eh?)  What's amazing though,
is that the same pal was with me when I bought the
second comic as when I'd bought the first one.

I was much taken by the moody, atmospheric art of
GENE COLAN, and the fact that the story was a follow-
up of sorts to one I'd read as a teenager resonated with my
even-then overdeveloped sense of nostalgia.  The flashback
sequence to that earlier tale took me straight back to The
NORFOLK Restaurant, wherein I'd first perused the
Cap Special mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Now I look at this issue and think of Southsea and
Portsmouth, though the earlier association with the '70s
still resides within its four-colour pages.  Perhaps you have
your own memories of this mag, which you're welcome to
share with us in the comments section.  C'mon, let's have
a nostalgia-fest while we're all in the mood.  There are
certainly worse ways of spending your time.


paul Mcscotty said...

I don't recall this issue at all but then again I had cut back quite a bit on my Marvel and DC purchases by 1981 - but this looks like vintage Marvel and a wee cracker of a comic (not a great cover imho for the art inside by the amazing Gene Colan) - Saying that there are several issues of Capt America from 171- 75 ish that "take me right back" to a certain time adn place - "Capt America and the Falcon" was at one time, my favourite title back in the day.

Graham said...

Although it was actually a very good story, I remember getting it in the mail excitedly and being extremely disappointed that this was not a Stern/Byrne production. This was the next issue after their run on Cap ended. Still, I did enjoy it because I had recently read a reprint of the earlier story in a paperback collection of Cap's early Tales of Suspense stories, so it tied in nicely.

Kid said...

I was never really a big fan of Captain America, PM, but I bought a few issues from time-to-time, plus all the Kirby issues when he returned to the title in the mid-'70s. You're right, this one is a wee cracker.


I only have one single issue of the Stern Byrne run (#255, the very ish you speak of, G, which I also got in Southsea or Portsmouth in 1981), but I've got a collected edition of their stories from the '90s. I think they only did 9, so they were disappointed not to match Simon & Kirby's 10 issue run from the '40s.

Al said...

Great comic, preceded by the brilliiant bryne, sterne run which i think is my favourite cap run. Disappointing they didn't last longer but colan's terrific moody work on this issue is a nice compensation.

Kid said...

One day I'll have to track down the next issue and see what happens. Hopefully, Colan drew that one too.

Mike said...

Phew that was good. Gene Colan art, with the right kind of story is gorgeous.

Kid said...

And this is the right kind of story, M.

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