Monday, 8 May 2017


Images copyright DC COMICS

Okay, we've had the Bat-guy, so now it's time for the
big red 'S'.  (The sequence of posting doesn't show favour-
itism on my part, it's merely the order in which I picked up the
comics for scanning.)  I don't know if JOHN BYRNE currently
works on any mags, but if not, it's a real shame 'cos he sure pro-
duced some delightful drawings on a regular basis back in the
day.  This is one of them, based on the cover of SUPER-
MAN #38, 1946.  Wanna see more?  Then say so!


Phil S said...

The late unloved mullet . It's funny how modern 60s Superman looks but 90s man looks dated.

Kid said...

Superman never previously looked dated, PS, until, as you say, he got his 'mullet'. I knew right away when it first appeared that when the tales were reprinted, Supes would look incredibly dated.

Vince and Siv said...

It seems John Byrne's time now is spent on the Star Trek photo novels he's doing....recycling stills from the show and re-arranging them into new stories, a clever idea, but not really something I'm into.

Kid said...

I'd heard he was doing that a while back, V&S (but didn't know whether he still was or not), but it's a shame he's not doing any actual drawing.

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