Wednesday, 3 May 2017


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FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is this Saturday, May 6th,
so pop along to your local comics shop and pick up a couple
of goodies or so.  Remember though, that while the comics are
free to you, the comics store owners still have to pay for them,
so as you'll be there anyway, it'd be nice if you bought a little
something to help support them in their efforts to cater to
your comic book needs.  You know it makes sense.

Here are just some of the comics available on the day.


Phil S said...

Avatar! A comic no one wanted or demanded!
Hydra Captain America! Same. But even worse because we know Cap isn't going to stay a Nazi.
I remember a Lee/Kirby story where the Skull hypnotized Cap into killing Eisenhower. It lasted two issues. These days they stretch it out to a year "event".

Kid said...

Yeah. Remember the days when you got a complete story an issue? Those were the days.

russell said...

Yep , I 'll always remember them fondly. The Kree / Skrull war , Spidey / tablet story , Ego/Galactus, Thing in the Skrull world and hundreds of others all wrapped up in one issue. Now they want to make take FREE comics ! Bah ! C'mon guys, what about a little positive thinking. Best russell

Kid said...

Wait a sec while I look up 'irony' in my dictionary, R. Sure, there were exceptions like the ones you mention, but I enjoyed the single issue stories which came before and after them. Besides, the occasional 3 or 4 ish story arc was nothing like the seemingly multi-part epics and all their accompanying tie-ins that seem to abound today. Positive thinking? I'm afraid I view that philosophy a little negatively - but then again, I DO tend to live in the Negative Zone. (Oh, I am a witty rascal.)

R said...

Pick up Nick Fury #1, Kid. Complete story. You might like it.

Kid said...

Will do.

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