Thursday, 22 October 2015


Picked up these two issues of ALTER-EGO at
my local FORBIDDEN PLANET store the other
day, and although neither are for the month of October,
there's some good reading in both of them.  Your local
store probably still has some spare issues on its shelves,
so pop along and pick up these excellent magazines
today - before they're completely sold out.


SUBZERO said...

That´s funny but I just got these two along with two more issues from an online comic shop ( I don´t think my comic shop carries them ). I order them now and then but I never seem to catch the ones with the Legion of Super - Heroes.

I don´t read ALTER EGO that much because I prefer the Bronze Age stuff and that´s usually covered in BACK ISSUE but I gotta take what´s available. With ALTER EGO I usually buy the theme issues like number 129 which is all about the different adaptions of TARZAN to comics.

Good reading.

Kid said...

I get Alter-Ego regularly, SZ, but I pick up Back Issue now and again when there's something of particular interest to me. And I get the Jack Kirby Collector whenever it comes out. As you say, good reading, but some articles sometimes seem like padding. That Tarzan issue sounds interesting 'though.

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