Friday, 30 October 2015


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

I recall having this comic when I was a kid and being amazed
at how detailed the art was compared to JACK KIRBY's early
FF work, which I'd read in the pages of WHAM! comic, a British
weekly published back in the '60s.  Those reprints were in black and
white, so seeing my favourite super group in colour was another eye-
opener, and added a whole new dimension to the amazing quartet's
cataclysmic cosmic capers.  And 'though I didn't mind continued
stories, it was good to read a complete tale in one issue.


Colin Jones said...

Kid, wasn't the image on this cover homaged on a later FF cover - I seem to remember it on the cover of The Complete FF No.22 or thereabouts.

Kid said...

I don't know about a homage, CJ, but the cover was reprinted on FF Pocket Book #7. The story was reprinted in the Panini FF title as well, but I can't recall off the top of my head whether the cover was used as the cover, or just reprinted inside.

baab said...

I am working my way through the Fantastic Four Essentials collections.
I am more familiar with black and white and prefer it sometimes.
There are a couple of points where Jack Kirby just evolves and the leap is obvious.
I would suggest that he was aided in this by the choice of inkers.
Issue 28 when Chic Rosen becomes the inker.
Joe Sinnot takes over from Vince Colletta who is a bit thin on the ff from issue 44 and the
characters take on a more realistic look after about three issues.
And of course it only gets better from there.

Kid said...

That'll be Chic Stone you're thinking of, Baab - Rosen's first name was Sam and he was a fantastic letterer. However, I'm sure you knew that and just got them mixed together at the typing stage - done it myself many a time. Great as Joe Sinnott was (and is), I'd have loved to see Wally Wood ink Kirby's FF.

baab said...

Yep, Even though I pulled the books over to my computer to make sure!
It happens.
I looked to see how I typed that wrong and Sam Rosen did letter issue 44.

Daredevil automatically pops into my head at the mention of Wally Wood.
He might not have inked the ff but he did ink other Kirby pencils,just cant recall at the moment......

Sky Masters and also the Challengers of the Unknown,which I really must buy.

Looking at the Sky Masters stuff gives me a good idea of how splendid the Fantastic Four might have looked with Wally Woods inks.

Kid said...

I think Kirby's FF would've looked even better with Wood inks, Baab. Sinnott, as great an inker (and artist) as he is, still left too many of JK's squiggly lines supposedly denoting musculature, whereas Wood usually inked them in such a way as to render them more realistic-looking.

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