Monday, 5 October 2015


Another eight back pages of jokes from TV EXPRESS WEEKLY
to hopefully give you a chuckle on this dreich Monday morning* in the
less-than-merry month of October, comics fans.  Supposedly introduced
by popular presenter and DJ of the day (with a not always convincing il-
lustrated likeness) PETE MURRAY, the comic was a brave attempt
to compete with HULTON PRESS's EAGLE

It never quite rose to those heights, but RON EMBLETON's art
(not seen here) was certainly the equal of FRANK HAMPSON's, in
my estimation.  Wouldn't it be nice if both periodicals were still on
the go today?  Along with TV21 and TV COMIC.

(*Well, it was morning when I composed this post.)


John Pitt said...

You've been intruding into my mind again ,haven't you, Xavier? Only the other day I was thinking that I'd LOVE to have the chance to start buying all the Eagles and TV 21's now from scratch!
( or did you notice those archive posts getting hits again?)

Kid said...

I wish someone would do bound volumes of TV21 reprints, JP - 10 issues per volume, original size. They'd need to do it before guys our age pop our clogs, otherwise there'll be no one left to be interested in such a project.

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