Friday, 9 October 2015


Images copyright D.C. THOMSON & Co., Ltd

For all lovers of TOM KERR's artwork, here's a little stop-gap to
tide you over until I get around to featuring the contents of LITTLE
STAR (in particular, The MAGIC BUS strip that Tom illustrated
inside the nursery title).  Five, count 'em, five covers all by Tom.


Colin Jones said...

Good grief, look at the kids' faces on the Japan cover - not racist or anything. I'm surprised they weren't wearing blackface make-up on the Africa cover. Ah well, it was 1972.

Kid said...

I just take the view that as it's drawn in a cartoon style, a little exaggeration is acceptable when no racial insult is intended, CJ.

baab said...

This and the previous Little Star post are all part of growing up for me.
Every cover has looked so familiar to me.

Its that Magic Bus that pushed all the way through the nostalgia barrier,
I wanted that bus as a child.

Even now I love the whole idea behind the strip.

Kid said...

Only thing is, Baab, that bus seems to carry only two small people. Now what about a real, full-sized magic bus, eh? How does that grab you?

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