Friday, 23 October 2015


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Well, bought 'em, so gotta use 'em.  I don't really recall any covers
past #s 1-3 (and maybe one or two others), so I'm now wondering if I
bought only the first  three issues (seen in part one) because of the free
gifts and then gave up on it.  I had a paper round at the time and only
spotted the comic when it first came out because I was in the news-
agent's early in the mornings collecting my papers for delivery.

As LITTLE STAR was a nursery comic, it really fell outside my
interest as a 13 year-old, but the lure of a new comic with free gifts
was always hard to resist for me.  I'd even bought the first and early
issues of SHOOT, SCORCHER, and SCORE - and I had absolutely
zero interest in football.  Having said that, there was some nice art
in Little Star, by the likes of TOM KERR and BILL RITCHIE.

So let's take a look at another five covers that perfectly capture
the wonder and innocence of youth.  If only such qualities stayed
with as as we grow up, the world would be a much better place.


TC said...

You needn't be apologetic about the Little Star posts. Not every post has to be about the Hulk smashing through a brick wall.

And no one can honestly complain about a lack of diversity around here. I don't know any other blog that posts a nursery comic and a photo of Kim Kardashian on the same day. :)

Kid said...

You're right, TC - this blog is unique! (Which doesn't necessarily mean it's good, just unique.)

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