Sunday, 4 October 2015


I hadn't long started my new school and 'twas coming up for
Christmas when my class was tasked with each creating a calendar
for the approaching New Year of 1966.  This consisted of sticking a
picture onto a piece of card and then attaching a calendar tab to the
bottom of it.  I used a photo of The DALEKS, cut from the cover
of an issue of TV CENTURY 21, the most likely candidate being
#36, which I'd bought back in September while still in my old
home and attending my previous primary school.

The reason I recall the event is because I had no concept
of the years changing number every January 1st and was slightly
perplexed by the 1966 calendar tab.  My mother explained that it
was currently 1965, which would become 1966 on the last stroke
of midnight on December 31st .  For some reason I regarded 1965
as 'forever' and thought that the year would return to that number
at some point in time not long after.  When I asked if this was
so, my mother informed me of my misconception.

Yes, it's true - I was a remarkably thick child for my age,
but, hey - I'd never had to write and date a letter, so what did
I know about such things?  Nothing, obviously.  Incidentally, al-
though I say that #36 was most likely the issue I culled the cover
from, it could possibly have been from issue #s 23 or 28, as I
think I'd cut and saved the Dalek pics from them.  We'll just
say it was #36 'though, as it was the most recent issue with
a Dalek cover and therefore probably was.

Of no interest to anyone but myself, but it's my blog and
I'll reminisce if I want to.  Got any memories of this cover?
   Then feel free to share them with your fellow Criv-ites.   


B Smith said...

How little your mother knew - you're often returning to 1965 :-)

Kid said...

And what a good year it was. I sometimes think I never left it, BS.

Colin Jones said...

I was born in Feb '66 so I'd have a problem if we lived permanently in 1965. I can't think of when I actually became aware of the year - I remember that in December 1973 when I was in the first year of Junior school (aged 7) our class had a drawing competition and I won the boys' prize (there was a girls' prize too) which was a calendar for 1974 - it was only a little plastic thing not much bigger than a credit card with all the months printed on it. I suppose I must have seen the date printed on the Beezer and Topper comics that I was reading at the time but I don't know if the date registered with me. But by the time I started reading Marvel comics in November '74 I understood the whole date thing I'm sure.

Kid said...

My confusion may have been something to do with the comic I bought regularly being dated 100 years in the future. TV21 - 2015. The only dates I knew up to age of 7 was days and months - years didn't seem to register.

John Pitt said...

I would say, " How COULD you desecrate this gem?!'....But I did likewise to all my TV 21's!
If only I'd stopped go think about the future!

Kid said...

That's the thing 'though, JP. When you're that age, you never think about the future past your birthday, Christmas and school holidays.

Kid said...

Oops! I meant 2065, not 2015. Silly me.

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