Sunday, 25 October 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Alas, alack, we now come to the end of yet another slice of the
1970s, this time The COMPLETE FANTASTIC FOUR series of
cover galleries which I trust you've been enjoying these last few months.
I've always had a soft spot for the FF ever since I first read about them
in  SMASH! and then WHAM! (and then, eventually, Smash! again)
way back in the '60s, so I was sad to see their own British weekly
mag end after so short a period.  37 issues.  It deserved more.

Anyway, time once again to remember those glorious, seemingly
endless summer days of our youth, as we gaze upon familiar covers
and images from yesteryear, when the biggest slice of our lives yet lay
in the far-flung future, not in a distant land that is long behind us and
to which we can never return - except, of course, in the alluring,
sweet-scented, mystical, magical mists of memory.


Colin Jones said...

Another sad goodbye after CB yesterday, sob - for me the biggest loss was the original Lee/Kirby FF stories which I'd never read before. And the bloody Invaders were carried over into MWOM - "God Save The King" ?? Excuse me a moment while I throw up. Also, Kid, 'Rampage' finished in the same week as The Complete FF so two-thirds of my weekly comics vanished in one fell swoop (I was getting Super Spider-Man as well). The cover of Complete FF #35 wasn't the same as the original U.S. FF cover though, I wonder why ? The final issues of Complete FF and Rampage went on sale on May 31st 1978 which was the day after I'd seen Star Wars - at least the demise of Rampage led to a new monthly version which was something to look forward to.

Kid said...

I used to have all the issues of Rampage weekly, but gave them away in the late '70s, early '80s - only kept the first 3 issues, CJ. (In fact, #s 2 & 3 might be replacements.) The cover of #35 looks as if it's been inked by Joe Sinnott, so maybe it was a rejected cover (for some reason) from the U.S. edition that they decided to use for the U.K. mag. British (and other) reprints often used U.S. covers as they were originally drawn, before changes had been made for the published American editions.

Christopher Nevell said...

I was sorry to see it go but at least the FF finally came back home to MWOM. In fact it was quite a nice run that followed that merger until the dreadful Marvel Comic 330 reared its ugly head.

Kid said...

That was the one saving grace, Chris - FF returning to MWOM. That's where they really belonged and I wish they were in the current incarnation of the mag. I've got mixed feelings about Marvel Comic - on the one hand, it reminded me of the Power Comics of my youth; on the other, the content was not the best and the mastheads, on the whole, were dreadful.

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