Sunday, 4 October 2015


The above issue (#28) was only the second time that The DALEKS
had appeared in a main colour pic on the cover of TV CENTURY 21,
taken not from the TV series, but the DOCTOR WHO & The DALEKS
movie.  The first time was #23, again from the movie, previous photos
being small black & white or tinted pics from the BBC programme.

I always remember page 13, because my mother clipped out the
chocolate Dalek recipe, and it remained tucked away inside one of her
cook books for many a year.  I don't recall her ever making any, but I
may give it a go myself one of these days.  Unfinished business.

So if you've never tasted a Dalek before, you may like to try making
one for yourself.  You have the instructions - now... "BAKERATE!"


Colin Jones said...

When I was nine I had a set of Planet Of The Apes moulds - you had to pour plaster of paris into the moulds of various POTA characters and then you'd paint them when dry. It occurred to me that if I poured melted chocolate into the moulds I could have a chocolate Galen or Dr. Zaius but sadly I never tried it - I was afraid it might go horribly wrong and I'd have wasted a couple of chocolate bars.

Kid said...

I used to have a Yogi Bear one, but I think the rubber deteriorated and became all crispy, rendering it useless. Shame, I never got around to using it.

Philip Crawley said...

Been enjoying all of the Dalek themed posts of late (thanks for posting 'em), being in
Dalek mode at the moment (for want of a better description). Every time I go near eBay there's another Dalek of some description tempting me. And as the Daleks say, "Resistance is useless!"

Kid said...

Ah, can never have too many Daleks, PC. They'll conquer the universe yet.

John Pitt said...

I should imagine that not many copies of this particular issue exist without the competition coupon having been cut out of it?

Kid said...

Oh, I dunno, JP. Could be 50-50. Not everyone entered the competitions. I didn't.

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