Thursday, 2 July 2015


If I remember correctly, the first four BOND films
were released about a year apart, the next five had an
interval of around two years between them, and the 10th
in the series came out three years after the previous one.
It had also managed to lose one of the producers, in that
HARRY SALTZMAN's name was missing from the
credits, having sold his share in the franchise due to
financial difficulties he'd found himself in.

So The SPY Who LOVED ME bore only the
name of ALBERT R. BROCCOLI as the movie's sole
producer, which trumpeted itself as the biggest and best
Bond of them all.  I loved the MARVIN HAMLISCH
theme song, and still have the actual 45 single record and
LP soundtrack that I bought way back in 1977.  So what
say we watch the trailer and return to the sizzlin' '70s
together?  I'm game if you are!


moonmando said...

Loved coming out of the cinema as a kid after watching the latest bond film. Journey home always involved much fence jumping,leaping about and killing each other a thousand times as we played out our very own Bond scenarios. Hyped up to the hilt and able to take on the whole world at a stroke, was much smaller then.

Kid said...

I came out of every Bond movie half-wishing that somebody would pick a fight with me so that I could show them that, like 007, I wasn't someone to be messed with. In reality, of course, if someone had given me a dirty look I'd have sh*t a brick.

DeadSpiderEye said...

Best part is the stunt at the beginning, goes down hill from then. Caroline Munroe was nice but a terrible helicopter pilot, he should've hired Martine. Wasn't it the first film done in the giant Pinewood stage?

Kid said...

'Goes down hill...' - I saw what you did there. I believe it WAS the first one done in that stage, DSE.

Colin Jones said...

I never saw any Bond films at the cinema and whenever I've seen 'Man With The Golden Gun' reviewed in the Radio Times (or wherever) the year it came out is either 1974 or 1975 depending on the review so 'Spy' could be 2 years later or 3 years later - as I said, I don't actually remember it at the cinema. I wonder if the spy of the title refers to Bond or the Barbara Bach character.

Kid said...

TMWTGG came out in 1974, CJ, and TSWLM in 1977, so there was a period of three years between them. As for which agent the 'spy' refers to - either/or, I suppose. Never seen a Bond movie in the cinema? You poor lad.

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