Monday, 13 July 2015


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SUPERMAN - the granddaddy of them all.  Originally conceived
by JERRY SIEGEL as an infant from the future, sent back in time by
the last man on Earth (the child's father) as the planet crumbled around
him.  This was later changed to another planet - at first unidentified,
but later acquiring the name of KRYPTON.

Jerry and his friend JOE SHUSTER struggled to sell the idea to
publishers, even after they had both become professional comicbook
contributors.  At one stage, after Shuster had become disenchanted with
their quest to sell the character (initially as a newspaper strip), Siegel
collaborated with artist RUSSELL KEATON on developing the
strip in 1934, examples of which survive today.

Keaton eventually decided not to continue the collaboration, and
Shuster returned to the project.  Ah, how different comicbook history
might have been, but that's something for you all to ponder in your own
time.  For the present, let's look at the covers of the first six issues of
Superman's own magazine, launched in 1939.  


John Pitt said...

I bought the treasiury-sized #1 in the 70's, but recently I have noticed in a spinner rack in a card shop they had A4-sized replicas of the covers of #1 &#5 for sale @£9-99 each!! I think they were meant to be some kind of retro wall pictures. It looked like they were stuck to hardboard and they had "tattyfied" the edges, to give the (false) impression of old age.

Kid said...

I've got that Treasury Edition as well, JP, along with the Action Comics one. I've seen cover reproductions on posters and T-shirts with that 'aged' look, but I don't like it. I prefer them looking pristine.

John Pitt said...

So do I, that's why I reckon the pix on your blogs are the best on the internet! :-)

Kid said...

Oh, you ol' flatterer, you.

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