Monday, 27 July 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Some stunning pics await you in this latest post in the CAPTAIN
BRITAIN gallery series, so I'll try not to hold you back from the good
stuff for too long.  With top artists like BUSCEMA, STERANKO and
MOONEY, it's a wonder that the comic only lasted 39 issues.  What's
the world coming to when all that talent can't ensure success?

Having said that, some of the new splash pages designed to bridge
the gaps between stories divided into parts for episodic presentation
over a number of weeks weren't always in the same class as the pages
they fronted, so perhaps that fact deterred some readers from stick-
ing with the title for longer, who knows?  (It sure ain't me!)

Were you a CB fan back in the day?  Feel free to reminisce
to your heart's content in our cataclysmic comments section!
(And don't forget to remember to come back for part nine.)


Colin Jones said...

Well, I had every single issue of CB and I continued reading the strip after it merged with Super Spider-Man so I'm definitely not responsible for its' demise. I remember drawing the cover of No.29 - I'd lie on the floor with my plywood drawing board in front of me, my father bought me big rolls of paper and I'd cut off however much I needed. I can't think where he got the rolls of paper from though - possibly a craft shop. I've still got the drawing board but these days I lay it flat on the bed and use it as an ironing board.

Kid said...

Stick with us, CJ, and you'll soon have all those covers and splash pages back again. I heard that those big rolls of paper were actually Gerry The Giant's loo roll. Lucky you got them before he'd used them, eh?

DeadSpiderEye said...

Did anyone buy Fury? I've seen some pretty decent covers for it around.

Kid said...

Clearly not enough of them, DSE - it didn't last too long (25 issues) before being merged with MWOM. Carlos Ezquerra did quite a number of covers - maybe even most of them.

Phil said...

Who could that fun page be I wonder?'s like it reminds me of some ...thing.

Kid said...

It's sure got me beat, Phil. 'Though I think it's someone with a grim(m) expression.

Colin Jones said...

I had an issue of 'Fury' just out of curiosity - I remember thinking how un-Marvel it looked, little did I know that two years later all the weeklies would look un-Marvel. I've read that the reason for its' failure was that British kids who were interested in war comics wanted to read about British soldiers not American ones. Apparently editor Neil Tennant had wanted a Marvel UK war comic with strips about British troops. The first issue of the merged MWOM & Fury came out on Wednesday August 31st 1977 which was also my first ever day in Comprehensive school - the only day I was ever in school in August.

Kid said...

Ah, 1977 - seems like only yesterday to me, CJ. The odd thing is, American soldiers weren't called commandos (Sgt. Fury & his Howling Commandos) - that was only British troops.

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