Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Images copyright DC COMICS

The BAT-MAN (as he was referred to inside the actual comic,
although his name was rendered un-hyphenated on the cover) first
appeared in DETECTIVE COMICS #27, cover-dated May 1939,
(which means it probably went on sale in February) and almost im-
mediately became one of the top two 'long-underwear' characters
of the 20th century.  (And he shows no sign of relinquishing his
superstar status anytime soon in the 21st.)

Like SUPERMAN in ACTION COMICS, Batman didn't
feature on the cover of every issue in his first few appearances,
but this was an oversight that was soon corrected when his popu-
larity with readers was recognized.  ROBIN The BOY WONDER
was added in issue #38, and thus began the long tradition of boy
sidekicks so that the main hero wasn't talking to himself all
the time.  (Personally, I hate sidekicks - ban 'em all!)

Anyway, here are 11 covers of Detective Comics for
you to gaze at in wide-eyed wonder at how it all began!


cartoon pictures said...

This stuff is legendary, love itt!!

Kid said...

I love it too! (Added your site to my blog list.)

John Pitt said...

As there's no chance of my ever owning any of these on paper, I bought digital downloads of these from Comixology @ reasonable prices. I recommend downloading the app to any comics fan!

Kid said...

I'd rather have them in comics or books, JP. You can pick up a Millennium edition of DC #27 on eBay for a reasonable enough price, if you're interested.

Phil said...

I think that's the Crimson Avenger issue 34...anyone confirm that?

Kid said...

I believe it is, Phil (he debuted in #20), but he doesn't look very crimson to me.

TC said...

I don't hate ALL sidekicks, but they just don't work well with every character. Batman was originally supposed to be a grim vigilante who terrified criminals, and who was himself a wanted outlaw. Such a character would be a loner.

Can you imagine Kid Spectre? Or Deadman and Deadboy?

Some characters, like Captain Marvel and Captain America, had a lighter image, so Bucky, Captain Marvel Jr., and Mary Marvel did not seem so incongruous. And I actually liked Tonto and Kato, who were adults, and who were helpful partners, rather than whining brats.

In comics, the sidekicks (Robin, Bucky, Speedy, Toro) were often kids. In Western movies at the same time (1940's), it was the opposite. The sidekick was often a cantankerous old coot. Gabby Hayes, Fuzzy St. John, Raymond Hatton. Odd, since both comics and "B" Westerns were probably aimed at much the same audience (preteen children).

My favorite sidekick, though, was Xena's companion, Gabrielle.

Kid said...

Deadman and Casper - a surefire hit. It's teenage sidekicks I hate, TC - Tonto and Kato I wouldn't mind so much.

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