Thursday, 9 July 2015


The LEGION's first appearance.  Image copyright DC COMICS

SUPERMAN'S WHO'S WHO was a four parter about
#s 4, 5, 7 &sometime in 1970-'71.  It was a rather dull text feature
in that it had no visual accompaniment, being part of the editor's page
DIRECT CURRENTS (as in the U.S. DC mags), and was hosted by a
fictional character called The SKIPPER (in reality MICK ANGLO).
What on earth had a sea captain to do with the world of DC Comics
you might wonder?  Well, the ocean has currents, so there's a bit of
a connection I suppose, strained and uninspired 'though it may be.
Anglo had done the same thing before with TV TORNADO,
where the 'editor' was also a sea captain, this time called
ED STORM. (Tornado, Storm - geddit?)

So, by special request, here are all four parts on
their pages to help Dougie relive his childhood.


Dougie said...

Thanks. Kid! Really fascinating. I remember that photo of Shir Shean well! Oddly, given that it's probably from 1969 or 1970, the Legion Lore ends pre-1966. There's no Ferro Lad, Karate Kid or Princess Projectra. I think it's drawn from the 1962 Superman Annual and not from the Adventure 365 text feature.

Kid said...

Nae bother, Dougie. How long is that since you last saw them? 45 years? Wow! The comic was curiously out of date even at the time.

Dougie said...

My mum threw out the Super DCs along with a lot of other DC comics, to make room for the burgeoning pile of UK Marvels, sometime in mid-1974. So, yes, it's certainly 40-plus years.

Dougie said...

Curiously, while the membership of the Legion proper was "stuck" in early 1966, the text includes Colour Kid as one of the Substitutes. Yet,he wasn't credited as a Subs member until late 1966. Meanwhile, Timber Wolf and Chemical King had been inducted into the LSH in the autumn of 1968. So, oddly, the B-Team was up to date for 1969/70 but the A-team really wasn't.

I realise very few people would care!

Kid said...

I wonder if Mick Anglo was supplied with the info direct from DC, or he cobbled it together himself from whatever relevant comics he could lay his hands on. It's really a '70s comic, but very '60s in tone. No wonder most people who remember it seem to associate it with the '60s.

Meant to say, Dougie, there are currently several issues of Super DC available on eBay right now (at the time of typing). One seller's looking for about £12 an issue, buy it now - the other is taking bids, starting at £4.