Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Image copyright DC COMICS

Here's the cover to the first issue of The SPECTRE's
own magazine in 1967- feel free to 'in-spectre' it.  (Surely
a shoe-in for the worst joke of the year award.)


DeadSpiderEye said...

I thought I'd been competing quite successfully for the worst joke crown but I think that one is going to be tough to beat.

John Pitt said...

I used to have this, along with the previous Showcase issues, and perhaps #2, but then I lost Interest.

Phil said...

Great cover! I think it was ironic that the Spectre and Dr Fate appeared in More Fun Comics. I mean who could have more fun than those two?

Kid said...

You don't have a ghost of a chance, DSE. (See? I did it again.)


Yeah, I've got the first Showcase issue he appeared in too, JP. I remember reading The Spectre #1 in primary school one day.


Blondes, TC. They always have more fun.

TC said...

I had Showcase #64, and Spectre #1 and #2. Judging by the cover date, #1 would have been on sale in September. I seemed to remember reading it at my grandparents' house while on spring break, so my memory must be playing tricks with the date. Or maybe I had it mixed up with some other comic. Or maybe I was re-reading it eight months after buying it. Whatever.

"More Fun Comics" seems an odd place for Doctor Fate and The Spectre, who were both as scary as the villains they fought. But they would have been equally out of place in Star-Spangled Comics or All-American Comics, I guess. In the Silver Age, they might have been at home in Strange Adventures (where Deadman debuted) or House of Mystery.

Kid said...

Or maybe it had been in the spinner-rack for longer than usual when you bought it, TC?

I suppose it was a bit like Thor appearing in Journey Into Mystery - not really the type of mag that, at that time, the readers would have associated with superheroes.