Thursday, 2 July 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Welcome back, to yet another cover-fest of mid-'70s MIGHTY
WORLD Of MARVEL issues, scanned from my own personal col-
lection.  These are the actual comics I purchased back in the day, and
they're pretty much in the same condition as when I first bought them.
It must be admitted that some of the covers produced specifically for
we Brits weren't quite of the same standard as the original U.S. ones
used on alternate weekly issues, but they did the job, I suppose.

Got a favourite?  Then don't wait for me to twist your arm -
jump over to the comments section and tell us all about it!

The HULK story presented in this ish had previously appeared in an
earlier issue of MWOM, but with the SILVER SURFER's appearance
edited out.  Which sort of made it a bit of a non-story


Colin Jones said...

They all have my favorite MWOM masthead which was the one being used when I discovered Marvel comics (November '74) - when I first saw it advertised in POTA I thought it said "Marvel Hulk". I remember the adverts too for FOOM and the MWOM patch but reading the small print I'd forgotten the patch was the same size as the original MWOM cover, I thought it was smaller. I wish I'd bought it, sigh.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

A great selection of covers and stories from my favourite comic - Have to say the Neal Adams cover (issue 147) with the intro of the Defenders is my (narrowly) favourite cover but issue 126 is the best story.

Kid said...

I wish I'd bought it as well, CJ. What was I thinking when I didn't? The only things I ever bought from the British Marvel ads were FOOM and the FF Book & Record set.


MWOM was a great little comic at this period in its history, McScotty. It's a shame a weekly version isn't available nowadays, although Daredevil in the Panini monthly makes it worth buying.

Philip Crawley said...

Kid, I'd have to say I'm rather partial to the covers from 139 and 140, partly because I prefer 'mirthful' Marie's Hulk over Herb's (except when inked by John Severin), and partly because I still have one of the original issues they come from (can't quote without digging it out). Always liked that image of the Hulk looming over the city, which I believe was the splash page from the original it appeared in. Much as I like Neal Adams' work I don't think he really got a handle on some of the Marvel characters he drew, though his work on the X-Men issues would have to be some of his best, IMHO.
Interesting to see how some of the art has been re-used and re-coloured.

Kid said...

You're right, Phil - that image WAS also the splash page. I only remember Neal Adams drawing The X-Men, The Avengers and The Inhumans at Marvel, and I was never that big a fan of the latter - under any artist. In fact, the first Hulk Annual was a bit of a let down because of the extra-long tale featuring Hulkie in the land of The Inhumans - who are so boring that even Marie Severin's art on the tale was tainted with that quality. Yet her Hulk versus Subby story from TTA #100 is a masterpiece in the art department.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I know what you mean regarding Neal Adams art at Marvel, his DC work was (imho) some of the best comic art there has been however, at MARVEL whilst I still loved his art, I agree some of it wasnt as good (whilst still being amazing) not sure if it was just the way the characters were (ie their design) or the way Neal drew them (his Iron Man , Vision were great his Thor, Capt America, Thing were not so good at times). I thought most of his Avengers stuff was excellent ( the "Kree Wars" section especially- then again John Buscema finished that off and his work was out of this world) and some of the the Inhumans strips were great but obviously he was running late on this strip as later issues looked rushed (and were inked poorly by others) also as I recall a stand in artist was used for a couple of issues (Mike Sekowsky). His Thor strip wasn't up to his high standards but I loved his inking on Dr Strange over Frank Brunner (that is if I am correct in stating Neal was part of the " Crusty Bunkers" team??)

Kid said...

Ah, that's right - I'd forgotten his Thor fill-in issues, McScotty, I was thinking more of his regular mags. As for the Crusty Bunkers, they were a group often used by Neal Adams' and Dick Giordano's Continuity Studios, so Neal was the boss of the Bunkers, not usually one of the actual group as far as I can tell. (Which is probably splitting hairs, but you know what I mean.) Whether or not Neal actually inked Frank Brunner or left it to the Bunkers, or did so under the Bunker's name to avoid upstaging Frankie-boy, I'm unable to say.

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