Sunday, 5 July 2015


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

MARVEL had been publishing their weekly periodicals in Britain
for a while, when, perhaps responding to some readers' requests, they
asked the rest of us if we'd like to see more original covers.  To my mind,
'original' covers meant the original covers which had first appeared on
the U.S. mags, not newly-originated ones for the U.K. comics, which
seemed to be what Marvel had in mind.  I responded, saying "Yes, more
original covers please!" - as, no doubt, did quite a few other Marvelites,
because, before too long, the weeklies sported brand-new (and, a few
exceptions apart, mostly inferior) cover art all across the board.

I eventually twigged to what had happened regarding the differing
interpretations of what was meant by 'original', but, going by the poor
reception of many of the 'new' covers featured on this blog, I had the right
idea and Marvel had the wrong one.  (I exclude JIM STARLIN's covers
on early issues of MWOM because I actually like them.)  Perhaps, had
Marvel stuck with more 'classic' covers from the original U.S. issues,
their titles may have enjoyed a greater success. 

So what say you readers?  Did you care much for the specially-pro-
duced, newly-drawn cover art on the Marvel weeklies of your youth,
or, like me, did you prefer to see the classic covers that had first graced
the initial printings of these early titanic tales?  Make your valued views
known in the comments section - the fate of the free world hangs in
the balance!  (Well, f I'm gonna lie, I like  to make it a big one.)

This cover illo was also pressed into service as a splash page in the very
nest issue.  Not quite in the same league as the SURFER cover above, eh?


Colin Jones said...

I must admit that I didn't notice at the time but looking at the Marvel UK covers now I see how appalling a lot of them were - it was so much better when the original U.S. covers were used. However my very first Marvel comic was POTA No.5 and that has a rather good cover even though it's a UK exclusive so they weren't all bad. But the fact that many stories had to be split over two weeks meant that there was no choice but to create new "UK only" covers - a way around this would have been, for example, alternating Spidey covers with the back-up strips like they did with The Avengers featuring Shang-Chi or Dr. Strange.

Kid said...

Yup, that was a way to do it - although sometimes covers were used to create new splash pages for those strips divided in two, but with three stories per ish, they still had a choice of which covers to alternate. After all, the cover is the most important thing to grab the casual reader.

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