Thursday, 19 November 2015


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Just received today - The SUPER HEROES Annual 1984,
which went on sale back in August or September of 1983.  I didn't
even know it existed until a few short years ago, thinking that the '82
& '83 Annuals were the only two published.  I printed a poor image of
it in a previous post, but I've now replaced it with the scan above.  So,
I've finally completed the set, but it's incredible to think that 32 years
have passed, as it only seems like relatively recently I was buying
the monthly mag on which the Annuals were based.

When this Annual first came out, my family were living in
another house, not the one in which I got the first two.  Regular
readers will know that we eventually returned to our former abode
four years later (in 1987) so it's weird to acquire and read the book
in the same house I'd read the previous two, not the one which, year-
wise, I'd otherwise naturally more associate it had I owned or even
known about it back then.  It's a sequential anomaly.  That said,
I can easily imagine it in my bedroom of that other house -
almost to the point of 'remembering' it there.

What's that, Doctor?  My therapy session's
over?  Okay then, see you next time.
To see all three Annual covers, and two Specials, click here.


Phil said...

Well done you're a patient man. I have a few holes in my Thor collection but gave up years ago.

Kid said...

I didn't really have to be patient, Phil - it didn't feel like 32 years, only a handful at a the most.

Paul McScotty- Muir said...

I used to pick up the monthly comic on a petty regular basis but never saw (or had any idea) that there was an annual(s) for the title - Cover looks good from a distance but not great up close - was there anything special in the contents?

Kid said...

Nah, not really. The stories were recoloured for some reason. Not as badly as in the Super DC Annual, but not quite like the original comics. At least they got the colours of the costumes right. The first Annual was in B&W, and I think I preferred that, to be honest.

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