Friday, 6 November 2015


Images copyright DC COMICS

Back in 1982, I was at a comics mart in Glasgow's ROYAL
STUART HOTEL and ran into BRIAN BOLLAND as he signed
autographs for some teenage fans.  Seizing the opportunity, I asked
for one as well, but only had a calendar tab on me for the coming
year - so he kindly signed that.  Still got it in fact, might post it
on the blog one day if anyone's interested in seeing it.

Anyway, a while back I bought The DC VAULT, a folder
which contains all sorts of goodies, one of them (well, two actually)
being these reproductions of BB's pencils and inks for a WONDER
WOMAN cover (#63 June 1992).  Good to see how a master does
it, isn't it?  If you practise hard, you might one day be as good as
this, but only if you have the inherent talent to begin with.

Now, who says I never encourage budding artists?


Philip Crawley said...

Been a fan of Mr Bolland's work since way back in the 2000AD Dredd days, through Camelot and The Killing Joke - and it always impressed me how the integrity of his linework was maintained when he started adding rendering in Photoshop with the DC covers. Always interesting too to see how an artists pencil rendition either loses or gains via the inking process. Thanks for posting.

Kid said...

A very 'clean' and precise renderer, PC. Shame he's not working on a high profile DC or Marvel mag. Shame for the readers that is, but comics probably don't pay enough for the work he puts in.

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