Tuesday, 10 November 2015


A few years back, MATTEL released a 1:18 scale die-
cast BATMOBILE, with opening doors, bonnet and boot.  At
almost 12 inches long, it was an absolute belter of a collectable -
so I bought two of them.  The only way it could be better, I
thought, would be to have BATMAN & ROBIN as well.
Well, someone must've read my mind, because recently, the
model was re-released, but this time with the DYNAMIC DUO
neatly seated in their appointed places.  Wotta stoater of a car, so
I bought one.  Here are some photos to let you see what you're
missing, and to give you an idea of what to treat yourself to
this coming Christmas.  Not long now, you know. 

It should come as no surprise to most of you that, being
a certified genius (well, I'm certainly certified - but the 'genius'
part might well be an exaggeration), I know precisely what you're
thinking.  "They look like 'official' photos, not ones you've taken!"
And you're right - but aren't they nice?  "Well, how do we know
for sure that you actually purchased one then, and aren't just
fibbing about it?"  I knew you'd ask that!  (Yes, I really am
that clever.)  So below are some photos of my car.


baab said...

Very nice,
I think it was announced that the designer of this car,George Barris,died this week.

Kid said...

Yes, I'd noticed that. Sad. He designed the Munster car as well (and others).

baab said...

I remember going to the pictures to see Munster Go Home.
Way before I had ever seen the tv show.
The car was definitely part of the cast.
But the car in my memory is the toy drag racer version advertised in comic ads.

Or so I thought.
I did a search for the Munsterkoach and found the comicbook ads for the 1965 Munsters AMT model kit cartoon.
And iit was nothing like I remembered,so my first sight was in the movie.
I was really young and it must have been a wild wild thing to my wee eyes.

You had my nostalgia spinning there Kid.

Do you have a Munsters collection?

Kid said...

I remember these ads too, Baab - still got some comics with them. Although I watched The Munsters (and read their strip in TV21), I never had any of the merchandise when I was young. Consequently, no Munsters collection today, alas.

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