Monday, 9 November 2015


Back around 1966/'67 (possibly '68), I was on a day
trip to Ayr with my family when I saw a boy running around
on the grass near the seafront with a toy THUNDERBIRD 2.  It
was the CENTURY 21 (J. ROSENTHAL) model and I wanted it.
Asking the lad where he'd acquired it, he pointed to a shop on the
street, and my mother bought me my very own.  Now, don't get
the impression I was spoilt (despite being run over by a steam-
roller) - the times I was told "No!" far outnumbered the
occasions my parents acquiesced to  my requests.

I remember taking it into school one day and the teacher
allowing me to display it on top of the floor cupboard next to
the blackboard - I felt immensely proud of my TB2 and thought
the world of it.  It's therefore a surprise to me that I can no longer
recollect its precise fate.  It probably got broken over time and
eventually discarded, but whether I threw it out or my mother
did on one of her routine 'clean-ups', I no longer recall.

I've not yet got around to replacing it, but I did buy the
they came out, purely because they reminded me of the one I'd
had as a kid.  I even bought a jeep (not pictured) to put in the pod,
as that was what my childhood toy had instead of a TB4.  Anyway,
because the 'modern' versions (playsets) are such great items in
their own right, I'd thought I'd show them here for all you
lovers of super things to enjoy.  Ain't I kind?

Did any of you have the Century 21 toy as a kid?
Then sing its praises in our comments section.


Phil said...

We most definitely had TB2. Alas it is long disappeared along with the Napoleon Solo doll. And the Batman cape. Captain Scarlet's car survived though. I don't know how since I took it apart with a screwdriver and reassembled it.

Kid said...

I had Napoleon and Ilya articulated figures (at different times) when I was a kid, Phil, but they were really cheap versions. Wish I had all my toys back again.

Philip Crawley said...

My brother had an SPV (Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle) from Captain Scarlet complete with missile launcher, while I had the Captain's sporty car. Looked futuristic at the time but would probably be labelled 'retro' now. I'm sure I still have it somewhere but period searches in pursuit (of the Spectrum vehicle, see what I did there?, oh well) have failed to bring it to light. May have another look this weekend come to think of it. TB2 was always my fave of the Thunderbird vehicles. I'll track one down on eBay next time some stray cash comes my way. As if.

Kid said...

That'll be the Dinky toys you're talking about, PC, I suppose. Got the full set. Corgi did their own versions a few short years ago, which were very nice. Got them too.

John Pitt said...

We're different pods available, or only pod 4? I liked the mole as well.
I didn't have any of the TB's, but my brother had a SPV and a SPC.

Kid said...

The Vivid Imaginations' pod had no number on it, JP, so it could carry any vehicle. VI sold a few separately, I believe. With the original Century 21 toy from the '60s, the pod came either with TB4 or a jeep.

Kid said...

And it may sometimes have come with The Mole, I think.

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