Saturday, 7 November 2015


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Well, we did it.  We finally got to the final part of this LITTLE
STAR run of cover galleries, which I suspect has failed to enthrall just
about everybody who reads this blog.  Y'know, I'd have been perfectly
happy to re-acquire just the first three issues of the DCT nursery comic
from the '70s, but I spotted #s 1-25 (plus #36) going for under a
fiver on eBay, so it was too good a bargain to pass up.

But now we've reached the end of the road.  I might show some of
the interior pages in the future, but I imagine that any interest would
be limited, so it won't be anytime soon.  Never say never 'though.  Any-
way, hopefully this series hasn't been too tedious and that you'll return
to see what's coming next.  It'll be a surprise to both of us, because
not even I know.  See you in the funny pages, comics fans.

Bonus:  Below is #36, the final issue in my collection.


Colin Jones said...

That second cover is the silliest one of the entire run - were they really telling little children like me that Red Indians (as we would have called them back then) looked like Hiawatha and still lived in tepees in 1972. That was just spreading ignorance among young minds.

Kid said...

Ach, you're such a cynic, CJ. I suspect there MAY still have been the odd Indian reservation where they lived like that, but even if not, DCT were merely presenting a picture that played to the popular perceptions of the time - call it artistic licence. To most people outside of America, their only experience of Indians came through what they saw on Westerns on TV, so why rock the boat? (Or tilt the tepee?)

Incidentally (just checked), according to a 2009 article, many Crow tribe Indians still live in tepees, and even ones who live in houses often have a tepee alongside. Whoda thunk it?

Philip Guest said...

Personally, I've loved the Little Star galleries. In the early '70s, I used to go along with my Dad to pick up a copy on a Saturday for my little sister, along with either a Beano or TV Comic for myself. Thanks for the nostalgia trip!

Kid said...

And thanks for letting me know I have at least one satisfied reader, PG. You're a Little Star.

John Pitt said...

Well I HAVE been following the series, Kid. But I just couldn't think of anything to say!
I, for one, have absolutely NOTHING against nursery comics, I have bought them myself as an adult. I love ALL comics!
What I would really love to see are some of my very first comics - 50's Playhour and Jack & Jill's.
I don't remember Little Star, even though I bought some Twinkles for my daughters.

Kid said...

That's something I often have trouble with when writing a new post - I can't think of anything to say. (That explains a lot, I'll bet.) I was never bought nursery comics when I was younger, as far as I can remember. I only bought Little Star (as a young teenager) because it was a new comic. I doubt I bought more than the first 3 issues 'though, apart from the possible odd exception.

Dougie said...

I think they're charming. The youngest kids I teach (at 12 years old) drink lattes and watch The Walking Dead.

Kid said...

They do have an innocent charm, don't they? Kids nowadays aren't allowed to remain kids for long, sadly. Made to grow up far too fast.

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