Monday, 9 November 2015


This is a re-release from around 20-odd years ago of
MARE (occasionally rendered as Castlemare).  Unlike
previous MONOGRAM reissues of Aurora models, the
copyright details on the base had not been updated and
it still bore the date of 1966 and the Aurora logo.

The reason for this was that previous kit reissues
had been under the Monogram brand (hence the date
and name of the manufacturer being amended), whereas
the Prisoner kit's very first post-Aurora release was as a
'replica' model, complete with original long-box ('though
logo), and therefore the mould for the base had never
been altered since its original 1966 production.

I had the glow in the dark version of the kit around
1971, acquired in a swap of my FRANKENSTEIN kit
with a nearby neighbour, GEORGE COOPER.  We later
swapped back, but I yet recall my fascination with the extra
little luminous parts that came with the model.  I took the
replacement Prisoner along to George's house sometime in
the mid-'90s (he was still living there) to show him, and en-
joyed a curious satisfaction in 'connecting' the replace-
ment with the house where George's original had
once resided.  Yeah, I know - weird, ain't I?

The kit was reissued again relatively recently by
MOEBIUS MODELS, with its luminous parts and
the 'Famous Monsters Of Filmland' logo reinstated on
the replica Aurora box.  The pictures below are the built
and painted Moebius kit and box - I hate to admit it, but
it's just a 'tad' more ormately painted than my own.  Drat!
Perhaps I'll tart mine up a bit one day.  Incidentally, back
around 1970, WARREN's CREEPY #34 published the
Prisoner's 'origin' as a comic strip (see below).  It was
similar to EDGAR ALLAN POE's 'The CASK

And in case you were wondering, 'Castel Mare'
translates as 'Castle by the Sea'.  Now you know.

Gotta go - somebody in the cellar needs fed!

Okay - here's the strip.  Enjoy.


Philip Crawley said...

Loved those kits back in the day. I had but alas don't have any more, the Wolfman, Hunchback and the Creature (with glow in the dark parts). Loved the art on the boxes too, painted I believe by James Bama, the guy who did the Doc Savage paperback covers.
One of my brothers had the Frankenstein Monster and Phantom of the Opera. I think in both of our cases they fell victim to one house move too many and were lost, or broken, along the way. Must chase up a replica some day, though I do have a very good Creature action figure to fill that vacancy. Bit of a memory jogger this post.

Kid said...

I've got around 10 original Aurora kits, plus probably at least that many again (at a guess) Revell/Monogram, Polar Lights and Moebius reissues of Aurora kits, PC. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll have enough time left to build them.

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