Monday, 2 November 2015


Okay, so they're not the greatest quality pics in the world, but all
I had was a HANIMEX 110mm camera when I snapped these photos
on the night of October 13th 1984, while attending The EDINBURGH
PLAYHOUSE to catch superstar comedy legend BOB HOPE.  I'd briefly
met Mr. Hope and got his autograph before the show (and sent a few items
backstage afterwards for him to sign), but after the rest of the audience had
departed, I was still gathering my stuff together and Bob wandered onstage
with his jacket over his shoulder to chat to the stagehands, saw me in the
fourth row, and gave me a wave through the gap in the curtains.  I met
him again ten years later when he played The GLASGOW ROYAL
CONCERT HALL and had my photo taken with him.

Incidentally, Bob was 81 years of age back then, but looked
at least 20 years younger.  The woman sharing the stage with him in
the second-last photo is one of the singers from the support act on the
night, STUTZ BEAR CATS, who performed a short comedy routine
with him during the show.  (Just her, not the rest of the group.)  Don't
recall her name, alas (if I ever knew it), but she was a total babe.

A great show and a great night - one that I'll always remember.

And below is some of the paraphernalia I
picked up at the Playhouse on the night.

Bob mentioned that the Portsmouth show had
been cancelled due to a suspected unexploded
bomb being found the night before


Colin Jones said...

I'll tell you who looks amazing for his age - William Shatner. He's 84 but looks about 60 at the most. Kid, I left a comment on MMMM in case you don't get an alert.

Kid said...

I'll head over there in a moment, CJ - once again I didn't get an alert. Perhaps I'm not using the site often enough. William Shatner does indeed look good for his age, but he's had a little 'work' done, whereas Bob was 'unretouched'.

Colin Jones said...

One of my favourite Bob Hope lines was "James Bond is the world's second-greatest lover - modesty prevents me from naming the first". I left another comment on MMMM, Kid.

Kid said...

I think it was rather presumptuous of my pal Bob to be modest on MY behalf. Personally speaking, I wouldn't have minded him identifying me in the slightest. Other comment replied to, CJ.

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