Saturday, 28 November 2015


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The reasoning behind DOUBLE DOUBLE COMICS was
explained in part one, cavortin' Criv-ites, so be sure to check it
out if you missed it.  I'm surprised that the idea was never used in
the States, but I suppose distributors over there simply bagged
three or four unsold comics and got rid of them that way.

Anyway, here's a look back at the stories included in this
particular issue of DDC.  Are they as you remember them, or
did your copy have a different collection of Dynamic Classics
inside?  Tell everybody all about it in the comments section
after you've enjoyed these iconic images.


Philip Crawley said...

Dontcha luv the way Bob Kane got his name plastered over everything Batman, with no other credits in sight! Talk about self promotion. The uninitiated may have thought that he wrote and/or drew all of these stories. Wouldn't have happened over at Marvel.

Kid said...

What's even more amazing, PC, is that, in the '60s, he responded in a fanzine (I think) to 'rumours' that he didn't draw Batman, with a long letter denouncing such claims and stating that he drew every page. It's a shocking read in light of what we now know.

John Pitt said...

I never knew that they sometimes bound an odd marvel comic in the bundle!

Kid said...

Well, you do now, JP. See how educational this blog is?

Dougie said...

As I said in part one, the Olympic Titans story appeared in one DD comic I read- maybe even the one with the Speedy cover. I recognise the "Boo-Boo Patrol" story too, so that was in a DD but it wasn't this one.

I'm pretty sure another one I owned featured the first part of the Steranko/Fury/Cap Yellow Claw team-up.

Kid said...

Thanks for confirming my suspicion that issues may have had completely different comics under the same cover, Dougie.

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