Monday, 23 November 2015


A promise made is a debt unpaid - and I always pay what I owe.  So
here, as promised, is a STEEL COMMANDO story from the LION
& THUNDER Holiday Special from 1971.  Old 'Ironsides' was one
of the more popular strips in Thunder and its combined incarnation,
and had a decent run until L&T merged with VALIANT in 1974.

Like to see more from this Special?  Then let me know, Criv-ites!


John Pitt said...

Hi Kid, yeah, I used to love him too, but I would have loved to see him paired up with Captain Hurricane!
If there's an Archie in there ( and I don't see why there shouldn't be ), I wouldn't mind a gander!
It's a robot thing!

Kid said...

I seem to recall that The Steel Commando did actually meet up with Captain Hurricane at least once, and not just on the cover of the first merged issue of Valiant & Lion. I might even have the strip in question. Alas, there was no Archie strip in the 1971 L&T Holiday Special.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I really liked the all to short lived "Thunder" comic as a kid, it had some really good strips/characters in it like “ Black Max” and “Adam Eterno” - I also liked a Tom Kerr strip ("Pete the Fluter" or similar) but Steel Commando wasn’t a big favourite of mine to be honest. I don’t recall a strip where Steel Commando and Robot Archie actually met up but I do remember that “Robot Archie” used to slag the Steel Commando off in his own strip from time to time (I used to think it was funny) saying how useless he was etc etc. Actually I can’t recall too many adventure type UK characters teaming up so it would be good to see a that strip if you have/find it.

Kid said...

If I didn't just imagine it, McS, it was Steel Commando and Captain Hurricane who met, not SC and Robot Archie. I don't recall Archie ever slagging off SC, as RA was set in the present, and SC was set during WWII. Unless, of course, Archie was reading about Steel Commando's adventures in Lion & Thunder - is that what you mean?

Just checked, McS - the meeting took place in the first combined ish of Valiant & Lion. Can't remember if I've got that issue 'though, so I don't know where to even begin looking for it.

It's Phil the Fluter you remember, although, he should more accurately have been called Phil the Flautist. (Flutist in America.)

Paul McScotty- Muir said...

Ooops sorry Kid I read that wrong, was logging in during my overtime (without pay) break and didn't read it correctly. Link below goes to a Steel Commando meets Capt Hurricane page and also a Robot Archie V The Spider page for John (Pitt)and others that may be interested.

I'm pretty sure Robot Archie used to slag of Steel Commando on the odd occasion in his own strip, I cant recall the context but then again it was over 40 years ago and I couldn't even get your blog comment right so I may be talking total "mince"

Kid said...

Talking total mince? Welcome to the club, McS - I do it all the time.

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