Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Images copyright DC COMICS

In the wake of DC COMICS' 1986 12 issue series, CRISIS
ON INFINITE EARTHS, SUPERMAN was given a new comic
mag (starting from #1) and his original solo title was rechristened
The ADVENTURES Of SUPERMAN, continuing the number-
ing of the mag which had first appeared back in 1939.

Looking at these covers now, two things occur to me:  The
first is just what a brilliant artist JERRY ORDWAY is, and the
second is that, when we move from a house, we never truly leave it
behind, continuing to inhabit it in our memories and dreams forever
after.  One look at these covers (especially the above one) and I'm
once again back in my room of the house I left nearly 30 years
ago, with everything exactly as it was when I lived there.

Another thing that strikes me is just how criminal it is that
Jerry Ordway appears to be missing from mainstream comics
these days.  Why is he not illustrating the top MARVEL and DC
comicbooks as he once did?  Clear storytelling, dynamic action,
and powerful perspectives surely haven't gone out of fashion, so
I'm at a complete loss to understand why Jerry apparently is
no longer courted by the top two companies in the biz.

The link to Jerry's blog is in my blog-list, so check it out
when you get a moment.  In fact, scratch that - make a point of
paying it a visit as soon as possible and leaving a comment saying
how much you appreciate his contribution to the world of comics
over the years.  First 'though, savour the supreme sublimity
of the captivating covers in this pulse-pounding post.

And feel free to leave a comment on this blog as well.

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