Monday, 2 November 2015


In my local neighbourhood shopping precinct was once an
establishment by the name of STANLEY'S STORES.  At the
time of this trivial, self-indulgent reminiscence, it wasn't my local
neighbourhood, but the one next to it.  It had once been the area
in which I lived, but we'd moved in 1965 and weren't to return
'til '72, 'though that's neither here nor there, I suppose.

In this shop, tacked to the wall was a sign - the one you
see above, in fact.  I recognized the LAUREL & HARDY
figures as being in the style of the LARRY HARMON cartoon
programme of the famous comedy duo, which was then on TV.
It seemed likely that the sign's artist had copied them from the
strip in TV COMIC, or the cover of the 45 rpm single of the
theme tune (which I also had at the time).

Anyway, having paid particular attention to the sign on
numerous occasions, I one day ventured to enquire whether I
might have it.  Much to my surprise, I was informed that I could,
and that's how it came to be in my possession.  I've owned it, at
a guess, since around 1971 (perhaps even late '70 or early '72)
and because the shop is long, long-gone, it's a nice reminder
of a place that was once a familiar part of my past.

I bought my WADE porcelain YOGI BEAR (which I
still have) from the same shop, perhaps even on the exact
same day, so that's two items which conjure up images of a
long-vanished era on which I look back with some fondness.
Do you have a similar link to your youth?  Then tell your
fellow Criv-ites all about it, why dontcha?  Go on!

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